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December 2000, near Neuschwanstein castle, Bavaria, Germany.
(Ok, no, the polar bears weren't actually there, but we were, and it was cold.)

Bicycle Tours

Featuring daily notes, travel hints, photos, useful links... and riveting insights into our travels!

Coming soon:

  • Tandem bike tour along the Danube bike path (Donauradweg); fall 1999 and spring 2003.
  • Bike touring in Alsace, France.
  • Viewing the Tour de France 2004 and 2005.

Other Places We've Been

Alaska. We've been to Alaska five times: we've driven up twice from the Lower 48 and have lived there for three summers. This comprehensive site gives suggestions about things to see and do in Alaska, helpful links for travelers, and information about driving to Alaska.

Coming soon:

  • Information about traveling in Germany and Austria.
  • Photo trip to see Polar Bears in Churchill, Manitoba, Canada.
  • Fall wildlife photography in Yellowstone National Park.

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